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What is 'PRO'CES ?

A decade full experience of well researched team of pharmacists lead to the establishment of Esthetic Insights. Esthetic Insights evolved to bridge the gap between cosmetic industry & customization needs of dermatologists & cosmetologists by building the one stop platform called 'PRO'CES. 'PRO'CES stands for PROfessional Customized Esthetic Solutions, exclusively built for Dermatologists & Cosmetologists. 'PRO'CES on the front-end provide you with an easy to go online platform to explore every possibility of industry-related formulations, ingredients, advanced technologies, dosage form, branding, customized packaging options, and many more.

At the backend 'PRO'CES is empowered by...

Poineering Market Research Multitude of packaging Options State of the Art Manufacturing
Proficient Creative Team In-House R&D Robust Supply Chain

Are you a Dermatologist or Cosmetologist?

Being India’s First one stop platform for PROfessional Customization exclusively for Dermatologists & Cosmetologists, EI 'PRO'CES eases understanding whole science behind developing new products, dosage forms, ingredients and evolving industry standards.

'PRO'CES facilitates the professional to develop efficacious products leading to sustainable results for their respective patients. ‘EI 'PRO'CES is exclusively for Dermatologists & Cosmetologists. Thus, access to 'PRO'CES is granted post verification.

Exclusive for Dermatologists and Cosmetologists OTP Verified Login Personalized Dashboard
Knowledge of Dosage Forms, New Molecules New Formulation Development Evolving industry Standards

Do you want to build or customize your own Brand?

EI 'PRO'CES boosts your market reach by simplifying brand building for you. You can either customize products from ever growing pool of 300+ existing EI products or you can work along with proficient team of our in-house R&D for New developments.

Brand designs can be developed with our creative design team. You can choose from world class packaging & labelling options. Completion of each step is fulfilled by a robust supply chain system. You are empowered by all these options at your fingertips by EI 'PRO'CES.

Customization on your Fingertips 400+ Existing EI Products Brand Design Development
Creative Design Team Ever growing pool of Packaging Options Robust Supply Chain

What We Do?

Market Research

EI research team continuously explores new formulation trends, advanced compositions, technologies & dosage forms. Simultaneously, we are quiet observant of the changing requirements of professionals to provide result oriented products to their patients. All our products are developed against these researches so that the professionals are equipped to achieve sustainable results with their clients.

Research & Development

EI has best in class in-house R&D team. Our proficient team of pharmacists continuously keep exploring new formulations, molecular substitutions for delivering products with sustainable results. Our R&D thrives to equip every professional with world-class formulations indigenously.


EI has state of the art manufacturing facility equipped with latest machinery & every industry demanding technology for production of regular and advanced formulations at any scale. The team handling the production is trained to deliver each batch with precise composition and high safety every time.


EI facilitates acquiring patent rights for each unique formulation proposed. EI Licensing team understands the value of a professional’s time, thus takes care of all requisites for obtaining the patent or licenses with least involvement of you.


EI has a innovative & creative design team you can work with to customize & develop a remarkable brand representing you exclusively. Every ideology for aesthetics of your brand will be taken care while developing your Brand.

Packaging Solutions

EI provides you multitude of packaging options to choose for each category of product. Each packaging option provided for any product is selected focusing the sustainability and efficacy of the formulation to be packaged. EI extends an option for you to suggest your own packaging and we will facilitate its procurement.

Our Clients