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Ever thought of having your own brand of cosmeceuticals?
Wonder where to transform your cosmetic formula into successful product?

EI role : in the process of assessing cosmetic needs and preferences of our clients, EI closely watches the global trends and advances in cosmetic technologies and works in faster-modern ways to attain simple & advanced solutions to our client’s needs. We develop, manufacture and pack world class cosmetic formulations according to our client’s needs.

Are you looking for a novel cosmetic product to market?

R&d: EI constantly investigates the novel ingredients and technologies to improvise both sensory and efficacy of cosmeceuticals. EI delivers products with effective combination of proven ingredients and incorporates ideal technologies to make prototypes with evidence based results. We also assist you in improvising existing formulas and make them ahead of cosmetic market.

Tired of conventional packaging options?

For EI packaging is not just about container. We look beyond the traditional packaging options and facilitates world class packaging options. EI not only provide eye catchy packaging options but also science driven options suitable for any type of formulations to enhance stability & quality during shelf life.

Worried about successful bulk production?

EI helps you in scaling up production from laboratory prototypes to bulk manufacturing. EI further facilitates the bulk production in our advanced manufacturing facility or provides necessary support to scale up in your own facilities.

Unsure about product efficacy?

EI offers complete qa and qc support to make sure the high standards of every formulation. EI strengthens the product claims with scientific substantiation and evaluation.

Unclear about product licensing and registrations?

EI helps you in registering your brand and products officially and provides all documentation and regulatory support required for licenses.

Tired of changing product launch date and sales plan?

We deliver your custom made products fashionably in a time bound manner. We firmly stick to timelines and helps to achieve your market targets with timely supply of products.

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